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Discover what others have to say about working with Sonia

David Emanuel, Fashion Designer & TV Personality

"​I first met Sonia at several polo matches while she was looking after promotion of the Welsh polo team and again through our mutual friend, former Royal Harpist to the Prince of Wales, Claire Jones. At the time Sonia was the Head of Brand for Clogau Gold. We discussed the opportunity of working together and soon had our first jewellery collection underway. Sonia had just started collaborating with Swarovski, using their Genuine Topaz stones. Swarovski very kindly gave us exclusivity on a new colour topaz, and we launched David Emanuel for Clogau in the UK online and through Clogau stores. Sonia and I made joint appearances on QVC UK and on TVSN in Australia, a trip that was hard work and a lot of fun! Sonia is a pleasure to work with, whether brainstorming ideas, working together on a photo shoot or co-presenting on air. Her professionalism, creativity, drive and commercial awareness ensure a successful working relationship and successful delivery of a project. I am greatly looking forward to continuing working with Sonia in the future."

Marshall Jones Music Ltd
Claire Jones - Former Official Harpist to HRH Prince Charles and
Recording Artist Chris Marshall - Composer and Percussionist

"We have known and worked with Sonia for 9 years in a number of different situations. Firstly, our work and association with jewellery brand Clogau where she managed the relationship of our company and theirs and aligned the brands. This developed into an extremely successful partnership which established new audiences for both ourselves and Clogau. 

More recently we have been working together to establish our brand as Musicians, Educators and recording artists both here in the UK but also developing our international platform.

Sonia’s skill at developing a brand past the vision of its original creator is surpassed only by her personable nature and her attention to detail. As a client, you feel part of something so bespoke and personal that immediately she becomes an integral part of the team. Traditionally musicians don’t run themselves as a traditional business let alone a brand. Sonia’s ability to identify the basic principles of business yet incorporate all the individual values in whatever industry only shows how talented and versatile she is. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to anyone."

Gethin Jones, Public Figure

"From the moment we shared a glass of fizz at the Jewellery Awards almost 4(??) years ago, Sonia has been a delight to deal with. IF she says she's going to do something, it’s done. Her knowledge, confidence and professionalism allow for so much flexibility - which means working on a project and delivering a brief is always fun and interesting. Happy to get stuck-in whatever is needed, her role as a medieval Princess in a remote castle in Wales will remain in the memory for a long time!"

Harry Legge–Bourke, Chairman, Wales Polo Team & Association

"The Wales Polo Team worked with Sonia to develop a partnership with Clogau that spanned two successful terms of mutual brand building. Sonia worked alongside the newly formed Wales Polo Team from the ground level up. Her support for the team extended beyond the home territory in Wales to tournaments in Chicago and the hugely successful Polo Party in Arizona. Sonia’s enthusiasm, expertise and professionalism were invaluable to the partnership. When Clogau finished its sponsorship she was very much missed by all in the team."

Catherine Huntley, Presenter QVC UK

"Sonia is a fantastically passionate professional. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her over the course of several years. I don’t believe Sonia would work with a brand she didn’t feel a personal connection with. She gets behind a brand and lovingly treats it as her own. She is extremely well researched not only on the brand but subjects surrounding and connecting to the brand. An example would be her in-depth knowledge of British Royal history in relation to Clogau. She has a creative flair and clearly enjoys what she does.

I feel that Sonia is a consummate professional whilst retaining that personal touch which encourages others to feel comfortable in her company. Not an easy balancing act but she achieves it with grace."

Ruth Faulkner, Editor Retail Jeweller

"I had the pleasure of working closely with Sonia on a number of different projects over a five year period, during her time with Clogau. As part of Clogau’s headline partnership with the UK Jewellery Awards, Sonia and I worked collaboratively to raise the profile of the annual event, seeing the number of attendees grow by 84% over four years. She is a hardworking and creative professional committed to raising the profile of the brands she works with and would be an asset to any company or project."

Rugby Field
Rhys Williams, Business Development Manager, Welsh Rugby Union

"It has been a pleasure to work alongside Sonia. Here knowledge and experience on brand development together with product development has been invaluable."

Sarah Carpin, Director, 4Cs Communications

"Sonia is a consummate professional and a highly knowledgeable branding and marketing expert within the jewellery world. She understands the importance of brand identity and positioning and knows the power of storytelling in marketing. By seeking out and harnessing global opportunities such as brand partnerships, paid and earned content, celebrity ambassadors and sponsorship she is able to effectively tell a brand’s story to a target audience with demonstrable sales results. I would recommend Sonia to any company looking to work with someone who can bring a clear and focused international marketing strategy to their business."

Kim Latham, Senior PR Manager, Moorhouse Group and former editor of Travel Retail Magazine

"Sonia is a true storyteller. She has been the cornerstone of Clogau – building the Welsh brand over many years through the art of creating myths and beautiful fairytales and has placed it firmly into the heart of the Welsh consumer. She has taken this brand from a small company and helped turn it into a true Welsh love affair that depicts royalty, beauty and gold standards."

Rebecca Sharman, Client Services Director, Innovare Design Limited

"We worked closely with Sonia to help her with a strategic brand review to reflect Clogau's multichannel business and to strengthen their growing own store retail presence.  Sonia’s understanding of the brand and her vision helped us to understand the brief and to work with her, Katie and the team to produce a successful retail blueprint."

Mike Webb, Managing Director, S3 Creative Agency

"S3 had the pleasure of working with Sonia on multiple projects for Clogau including a series of videos telling stories through beautiful jewellery, the 30th anniversary collection and the Christmas TV advert. We worked closely with Sonia to understand the customer journey, target audience, tone of voice and brand ambassadors to ensure the end result was on brand, engaging and memorable. Sonia’s passion for brand and product is infectious and I cannot recommend Sonia highly enough. Her skill set is enormous and will add value to any business in any sector."

Giulia Modolo, Business Development Manager, Swarovski

"I worked with Sonia for several years and our projects remains one of the most successful in the region. Sonia is first of all a pleasure to work with. Clear and focused, she always has the joint objective in mind. At the same time she is able to rearrange strategies and resources quickly to reach the aim. In the framework of the branding partnership between Clogau & Swarovski, Sonia regularly brought creative initiatives to the table and was instrumental in representing the values of my company to consumers."

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