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How future ready is your business?


Environmental awareness is intrinsic to business health. An environmentally aware business is cognizant of it's impact on the environment and the society within which it operates.

Sustainable business practices are no longer a 'nice to have', they have fast become imperative to brands and businesses that are building for the future.


We're proud to work alongside Victoria Waugh, co-founder of V&V, offering full service support to your business, whatever stage you're at on your sustainability journey.

About Victoria

Victoria Waugh



With over 15 years in the fashion, textile, and jewellery sectors, Victoria supports companies to define and implement sustainability strategies; and to source, produce and grow responsibly. Her background across manufacturing, retail, NGO, and accreditation means she brings a holistic approach to business growth – resulting in positive commercial, social, and environmental impact.  


She has a proven track record in establishing long term, profitable business relationships, and building supply chains to bring product to market for leading brands. Notably, she led the development of the systems behind Fairtrade Gold and was responsible for a commercial strategy that saw the scheme grow from concept to industry leader in artisanal gold.

Victoria Waugh 1_edited.webp

I had the pleasure of working with Victoria on a project to introduce Fairtrade gold into our supply chain. We visited the Sotrami & MACDESA gold mines in Peru in 2015. I experienced, first hand, the positive contribution of sustainable business practices, both social & environmental.”

- Sonia Menezes


Sonia and Victoria visiting gold mines in Peru

Ready to discuss making your business more sustainable?

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