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Intelligent solutions for your brand and your business

Sonia Menezes

Sonia Menezes is an award winning Head of Brand Development with a proven track record in FMCG, luxury goods and omni-channel retail development.

With over two decades of sales, trade marketing and brand building experience, Sonia has founded The Sapience Consultancy to offer a full brand and business building service to everyone from SMEs to large corporations.

Brand building   |   Strategic goal setting   |   Campaign management   |   New product development   |   Licensing agreements   |   Sustainability solutions

To add sapience is to add perception, discernment, wisdom and intelligence. Here, at The Sapience Consultancy we turn vision into reality.

Our approach is based upon four principles to create the strategies that will transform your brand and your business.

Ready to discuss how we can help your brand and business?

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